LogistixWorx, Inc.
Helping Your Inventory Help You!

In today's world small retail businesses need solutions that will let them keep up with the Internet and the "Big Box" Stores.

LogistixWorx brings an array of services to help your business to do everything from manage your retail inventory and IT systems better to getting your business on-line so you can be found nationally or globally!

All of our services are brought to you at rates that a small business can afford, and will immediately improve your business and your bottom line!

Your inventory is your biggest asset, and can make or break your business! If not properly managed, you'll spend extra time and money just trying to keep up with your customers' demands at best, or worse...you'll struggle to keep your shelves full and lose your valuable customers. That's where we come in!

What do we offer?

 • Point of Sale Custom Solutions
 • Network/Internet & PC Hardware Support
 • Inventory Optimization & Placement Strategies
 • eCommerce Solutions & Support
 • Sales & Marketing Strategies
 • Internet Placement and SEO Optimization
 • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
 • Social Media Marketing Plans

With over 18 years in inventory management and warehouse management experience and over a decade of retail point-of-sale and e-commerce solutions management, you'll be hard pressed to find the level of business consulting and ready solutions to help you make your inventory work for you!

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